Lady Gaga angers fans of Miley Cyrus

Lady Gaga has become the focus of the fans of Miley Cyrus , those who have been referred to a shared message via Twitter . What was the straw that broke the camel?

Lady Gaga angers fans Miley Cyrus


Lady Gaga has unleashed the wrath of the faithful followers of Miley Cyrus on Twitter All began when the singer posted a photo from several years ago, which appeared to next Miley Cyrus , including a dedication provocative.

“Do not let your children with Lady Gaga ” was the phrase that sparked all the scandal, along with the photo of her and Miley Cyrus when I was very young and still somewhat “innocent”. The tweet was shared during the ceremony Emmy Awards 2013 .


Within minutes

generated a stir by Miley Cyrus fans , who have received the message in the worst way, officially declaring war on Lady Gaga.

Within five minutes of the onset of the tweet almost 70,000 people have responded to the challenge of Gaga, ranking within the top trooping the hashtag SmilersWantLadyGagaDead “, which after ten minutes beyond the borders.

“I think they should let the issue rest, because it’s just pop music . Everyone has their own way to express themselves artistically, and if someone does not like, you can change the channel, “he said in response Gaga .


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